EMMEBI announces the successful installation and commissioning of a fully automated handling system, stackeing, de-stacking & packing line and scrap machines at Boal in Belgium.

We used the most innovative technologies to achieve optimum production efficiency and to facilitate end-to-end material flow from the extrusion area to the shipping and warehouse area. The profiles coming from the extrusion lines are automatically stacked into internal or external baskets and bufferized for ageing oven loading operations. Scrap, coming from the saw and quality control, is sheared and conveyed into scrap containers.

The full baskets coming from the ageing ovens are loaded in an automatic system where the layers of profiles are de-stacked and distributed automatically over to the packing station on roller and chain conveyors. The system automatically returns the empty baskets back to the storing area.

In the packing area, the profiles/bundles are packed to form a master bundle which is  then wrapped by using stretch film, by using an automatic system for the insertion of the wood. The wrapped master bundle can then be conveyed to the shipping area.