Automatic system to collect single profile layers from the baskets and deposit them on conveyors, or to AUTOMATICALLY DE-STACK profiles from the extrusion basket, RE- BATCH IT AND STACK THEM WITH DIFFERENT SPACERS INTO CUSTOMER baskets.

The system includes two bridge cranes - running on a fully automatic cycle - to lift profiles from the profile baskets through spacers, to transfer them transversally and then lay them on roller tables.

The cranes can collect profiles up to 40’.

Both vertical and horizontal movements are driven and controlled by means of brushless motors. The vertical movement is compensated by a pneumatic cylinder to reduce load inertia. The sliding rails are realized with precise longitudinal guides, and so are the vertical ones, to guarantee required precision during de-stacking or stacking. All movements are controlled by means of an encoder. 

One of the two cranes is provided with pneumatic adjustable clamps to match the layer widths of the extrusion basket and CUSTOMER basket. Only one operator is requested to supervise de-stacking / stacking operations.