The American market - where we have settled down and consolidated for some time by now - considers our installations with ever-growing interest and curiosity. 

The latest one, in Fontana, at SIERRA ALUMINUM is a modern system to fully automatize 2 extrusion presses.


The supply includes: 

    •    fully automatic stackers with scrap lines 

    •    basket handling system designed to move the baskets from the stackers to the ageing ovens by conveyors and automatic crane.

    •    2nd bridge crane for automatic warehouse of extrusion baskets to optimize stoking, production and packing or for stacking multiple racks, picked up from multiple entry points. System integrated with Sierra management system to properly store the information of the racks.

    •    de-stacker to de-stack the profiles from the extrusion basket and to feed then the packing line

    •    packing lines to form master bundles, wrapped with stretch film and automatically insert wood.  

    •    3rd bridge crane to close the basket loop in order to transfer back the empty baskets to the stacking area

  The cycle is fully automatic.