Next installation at CORTIZO

EMMEBI will be shortly supplying a number of automation/packing lines for the Cortizo Group for the production unit in Slovakia.

EMMEBI is developing an innovative plan, with the objective to increase productivity, improve finished product quality and optimize the flow of materials, as well as to implement safety norms, in order to guarantee a safe working environment. The installation is going to consist of five packing lines to pack profiles into packets or boxes, and then bring about some master packs with packets of profiles, or ones of boxes. The five lines will eventually give way to a centralized packing department, to meet various requirements in terms of packing typologies.

Emmebi’s talks with Cortizo are no novelty, however, as, in the past, the industrial giant had already got in touch with the Italian company for other two fully automatic plants, the first - in its mother country - based at Padron, Galicia, and the second in Poland.