The increasing use of high quality aluminium extrusions calls for improved levels of process reliability and repeatability. Further reductions in costs and increasingly extensive automation and process control have become vital objectives in plant innovation.

To such a new wave of innovation ALIPLAST, a well-known extruder located in Belgium, have been sensitive.

EMMEBI has developed an innovation plan aimed at increasing productivity, improving finished product quality and at optimizing plant handling flows, as well as at implementing safety norms guaranteeing a safe work environment. Furthermore the personnel reduction in the packing department has allowed ALIPLAST to relocate people to other departments, while optimizing costs.

The installation consists of a de-stacker line integrated with a bridge crane with fully automatic cycle and a packing line for packing profiles into master bundles. The system is also integrated with skip handling solutions to optimize packing procedures, while improving ergonomics in every single phase of the process.