One station, three automations

Our way to protect your work


ESTRAL S.p.A, a leading Italian extrusion company based in Manerbio, Brescia,  completed the installation of its 5th press where Emmebi provided automation of the de-stacking area with a triple crane system to pick up profiles from three different baskets and serve three packing stations.


Emmebi provided also the automation of the packing area.

The automated Packing Lines allow the operators to form bundles in 3 different ways:


· wrapping the master bundle with stretch film with/without the insertion of wood around
  the bundle;

· wrapping the master bundle with stretch film following the strapping with plastic strap of
  the wood around the bundle;

· no wrapping operation of the master bundle, just strapping with plastic strap the bundle

  with insertion of wood.


The Packing Lines also allow the packing of the profiles into the customer baskets, that are transferred to their loading position by a mobile platform system. This system guarantees flexibility to the line, since it is possible to pack, in different ways, the profiles by using only one station.