Indinvest LT has trusted Emmebi, a company based in Friuli, again, to enter the advanced automation sector. 

Indinvest LT, a company based in the Latina province, is one of Emmebi’s oldest customer, and it already trusted it with its systems to automate all 6 extrusion plants. Emmebi also supplied Indinvest Lt with an innovative integrated logistic system to move finished products from 3 different production lines to the storage and shipping warehouse. Today, it has chosen again the professionalism of this company based in Pavia di Udine, to integrate aluminium profile packaging robot systems. A new investment, based on a consolidated relationship of trust, nourished over time by attentiveness, transparency and collaboration - Emmebi’s most effective foundations to generate customer satisfaction. 

Emmebi will install the second E-Vision generation for Indinvest LT ( the first has been running for over one year in the Aps Arosio area). The new installation will allow the client to take a significant step forward in automation, using the most recent technology and the most useful operative solutions to make it effective on the market. 

Emmebi’s recent innovations at vision and profile recognition level have promoted an important technological leap into reducing the time necessary to identify the profile, and also, through a different robot model, in increasing the transfer speed and expanding the length that can be processed with the system. Therefore, the E-Vision II line is more productive and efficient. 

The two robot lines Indinvest LT requested to Emmebi will be operational at the end of 2023 and at the end of 2024, respectively. The project under way has required exceptional effort to Emmebi’s staff to develop the applications requested and support them with the latest technology.